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10 Things You Can Call Tech Helpline About That You Didn’t Know You Could

What most agents who have access to Tech Helpline through their MLS or brokerage realize is that the expert analysts at Tech Helpline can provide tech support to cure things other than standard tech issues. With more than 200 collective years of tech know-how, Tech Helpline analysts specialize in real estate agents’ day-to-day tech business challenges. And that means when agents adopt new technology, Tech Helpline is available to aid with new tech tools too.

Here’s a list of 10 things you can call Tech Helpline about that you didn’t know you could:

1. Setting up a new Alexa or Google Home smart speaker device:

Smart home voice-activated assistants are the hottest Internet of Things devices. It will instantly make any home smarter. Most times, it’s easy to set up, but not always. Tech Helpline can walk an agent through the setup process quickly and get you started.

2. Buying a new flat screen TV:

With so many different brands, specs (1080p vs. 4k) and features, such as smart TV pros and cons, the analysts at Tech Helpline can be your real live consumer guide.

3. Casting from your PC to your TV:

If you’ve ever tried to get your laptop to broadcast wirelessly on your TV, then you know it doesn’t always work as seamlessly as the TV commercials show. But Tech Helpline experts can take you through, step-by-step, how to use Chromecast, allowing you to show what’s in your Google Chrome browser on your big flat screen TV, wirelessly.

4. Social media guidance:

How do you connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts so you post on one, but it appears on both? Or join your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to do the same? Did you know the analysts at Tech Helpline can tell you how to do just that? They are ready to answer your social media questions too!

5. Posting an ad on Craigslist:

If you have never done it before, save yourself some time and contact Tech Helpline. They can assist you in setting up an account on Craigslist and help you avoid some of the pitfalls, such as attempting to load too large of an image. They can help you compress your pictures and put together a solid, winning ad.

6. Mail merge labels for your holiday mailing:

If you are like most of us, the only time you use mail merge is once a year for your holiday mailings. And if you are like most of us, you struggle through trial and error attempting to remember how to do it. Save time, call Tech Helpline. Their analysts will help you create your list quickly and efficiently.

7. Solve image format issues:

You have a photo that’s in a PDF, but you need to upload it to a website, and you need it as a .jpg, so what do you do? Call Tech Helpline. Converting images is simple and easy, and Tech Helpline can help you solve your image problems quickly.

8. Smart home device purchase advice:

Have you searched for smart home devices on Amazon lately? There are a gazillion of them! What does one buy? Not all smart home devices are created equal. When selecting from hundreds of options for smart switches, light bulbs, timers, and sockets, you need expert advice. And the software the devices are compatible with is almost as necessary as the devices themselves. A Tech Helpline expert can help you smartly sort through all the options.

9. Getting your iTunes library organized or sharing your Spotify Playlist:

It may be music to your ears to hear that Tech Helpline is also musically inclined. That’s right, and their experts are ready to help you organize your Apple iTunes Library. Or they can even help you figure out one of the great music mysteries: How to share your Spotify playlist so your family living across the country can access and enjoy.

10. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto Help:

You have that beautiful, brand-new car with all the latest tech bells and whistles. But you probably don’t know how to use a lot of them – yet. One of the best new features is Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. It adds full smartphone features to your new car. But if you still can’t figure it all out, or how to use the new Google Maps feature in CarPlay that just became an available option, call the folks at Tech Helpline, as they are there to help you stay productive, especially when you’re out and on the go!

Tech Helpline will be launched on January 15, 2020


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