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2024 LPCAR Scholarship Applications

We are pleased to offer 4 LPCAR Education Scholarships to area students who plan to further their education after high school or are currently enrolled in college/trade school.  Each of the scholarships will provide $1000 to the recipient to help with education expenses. 

Eligible students must be related to a LPCAR member - Affiliate or REALTOR member.

The deadline to submit applications is April 30, 2024.  Please download the application for your student.  All sections of the application must be completed in full and a copy of the most recent transcripts must accompany the application. We request that all submissions include two copies of the application!

Available to students of LPCAR Family members (Affiliate or REALTOR Member).  A Total of three scholarships will be awarded

Available to students of LPCAR Family members (Affiliate or REALTOR Member) and family member must have served on the LPCAR Board of Directors either past or current.  A total of one scholarship will be awarded.  Students may apply for both scholarships but may only be awarded one.

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