LaPorte County Deserving Children Shopping Tour

Deserving Children Shopping Tour is a local charity where money is raised to take the children of LaPorte County shopping. 100% of the money raised stays here in LaPorte County. The children begin their shopping night with a meal provided by McDonald’s and then get their picture taken with Santa. The shopping experience begins with the children purchasing items that they need, such as hats, coats, boots, clothes and one toy for Christmas. Last year over 700 children in LaPorte County were able to take advantage of this program. The LaPorte County Realtors and Laporte Jaycee's hold fundraising event throughout the year to support this need in our community. 

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Upcoming Fundraiser Events and Projects

Cookbook Fundraiser

Have a favorite recipe? Your committee is looking for recipes for an association cookbook fundraiser.  Your recipe can be featured in this book and help to raise funds for our charity.  

Recipes needed include:  Appetizers, Beverages, Soups & Salads, Vegetable and Side Dishes, Main Dishes, Breads, Rolls, Desserts, Cookies & Misc.


For More Information or to submit your recipe online please CLICK HERE

Cooking Eggs
Hacienda Give Back

Please join us for Hacienda Give Back on Tuesday, June 25, 2019!  A portion of your food bill will be donated back to the Deserving Children's Charity Fund.  

Please take a printed token with you in order for our charity to receive the donation give back.

Enjoy some great food at Hacienda and help a worthy cause all at the same time!

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