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Well and Septic Information and Forms

Information from the Health Department: Property Transfer Ordinance:

What Do I need to Know?

  • Was Signed by the Commissioners on April 6, 2016

  • Will go into effect on July 1, 2016

  • Any property that closes on or after July 1, 2016 will have to comply with the ordinance

What does this Ordinance apply to?

  • All residential properties

  • All commercial properties

What does it entail?

  • Septic Inspection: Septic system must be inspected by an IOWPA certified inspector.  This inspection will take a minimum of 1 hours, possibly longer.  They will need to access the house and will need to run water.  Inspections will not “pass or fail” the system.

  • A list of inspectors will be available in the office, on our website and at

  • Inspectors must be registered and bonded with the La Porte County Health Department

  • Properties with drinking water wells will be required to have the wells tested for coliform bacteria and nitrate.  Test must be performed by a certified lab.  Well may be required to have further testing depending on the results.  A list of certified labs are available in our office.

  • If they have city services they need to provide a bill or letter from utility.

  • ·f unable to perform any of the inspections before closing, they can apply for a waiver. However, inspections must be completed within 45 days of closing.

What about homes with old systems or Dry Wells?

  • The septic system is evaluated based on the year it was installed and what the code was at the time. A system installed in 1985 will not meet the current code.  It will be evaluated based on the code that was in place in 1985.

  • Dry Wells were no longer allowed beginning in 1977.  If a home has a dry well that was installed after 1977 and was approved by the LPCHD and is on-file in our office, then it will be ok.  If there is no record of the Dry Well, then it is considered a non-system and must be replaced.

How long are the inspections/test results good for?

· Septic Inspections and Water Tests are good for one year.


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