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2018 LPCAR Food Drive

"Hunger is real and it's here in our community! 1 in 8 Americans struggle with the choice of feeding

their families, paying the rent, putting gas in the car, or paying utilities. What's more shocking and sad is that 1 out of every 6 children do not know where their next meal will come from. That's 13.4 million children that will lay their heads down tonight with their stomachs growling and knowing that tomorrow morning will not bring any relief. The government has given this situation a new name and call it Food Insecurity. I call it HUNGER in AMERICA! Children that are denied an adequate diet are at greater risk of not reaching their full potential as individuals. They have trouble concentrating, bonding with other children, and are more likely to suffer more illnesses. Summer is right around the corner and while many of us look forward to cookouts, the beach, and vacations, many children fear what the summer brings for them.

We live in a country where we spend $8 for a cup of gourmet coffee. Those $8 can purchase almost 2 cases of food! That is certainly something to think about isn't it? Please remember that there are 10 weeks or more for kids to enjoy their summer. Hunger is real and it is here!!! I am begging you to reach into your hearts and think of a child that will not feel the pangs of hunger because of you. Skip a lunch or two, or that cup of coffee this month and donate to the food drive." -Vicki Eskridge, 2018 Food Drive Committee Chair.


The members of the LaPorte County Association of REALTORS® are working diligently to help assist the local food pantries to replenish their supplies in LaPorte County. The local REALTORS® do not want a child or family go to bed hungry! This is why we are requesting your monetary donation so that we can partner up with a local grocery store to purchase goods to help restock the local pantries and continue the good cause of providing to those less fortunate. The time period that we have to raise the funds is very short, so please make that contribution now. Your generosity will help make a difference to someone in need, remember HUNGER HURTS and everyone deserves a meal.......You have the power to make a difference in someone's day! 100% of the funds raised will help to purchase food items to donate to our local Salvation Army food pantries in both Michigan City and La Porte. The pantries tend to get low right before the summer months and our donations will help fill them back up. Help us help our community!

How Can You Help?

Food Drive Collection Can: Use one of our collection cans to place at your place of work and/or business. If you would like to use one of our cans, please contact Food Drive Committee Chair Vicki Eskridge at 219-324-6600.


Donate Online: Visit our GoFundMe page online to make your contribution. Remember that all funds collected will be used to purchase food items and donated to both La Porte and Michigan City Food Pantries. Click on image to visit our online donation page.

Collect Funds from coworkers, family, and friends! Cash and check donations accepted. Checks made payable to LPCAR. Every penny counts! Take your lunch to work just one day, or skip that luxury coffee a few times during the month of May and donate those funds. The food drive committee has prepared collection sheets to keep a tally of funds to stay on track. Download the forms by clicking the link below:


This year it is easier than ever to help with our Food Drive. Our committee has partnered with a local grocery store to purchase food items at a reduced cost. Funds collected will be used to purchase items and then donated to both Michigan City and La Porte Salvation Army Food Pantries just in time for the start of summer. The deadline for collection is June 1, 2018. On this day we will need a total amount collected, you may contact Vicki Eskridge at 219-324-600 with your totals or you may also contact the Board Office at 219-324-8120. We will make arrangements to pick up your donations. Let's make this year's food drive even more successful than ever.

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