New Members and Office Updates

Please welcome the newest members of LPCAR:

Angela Pritchard ~ Addresses Unlimited

Office Updates:

Managing Brokers: please remember to contact the board office with any agent changes so we may update our records.

Thank you.

"La Porte County Association of REALTORS......Inspires, Innovates, and Pursues Excellence."

Our Mission Statement

"The LaPorte County Association of REALTORS provides members with resources that enable them to conduct business successfully and ethically, strengthen the REALTOR image, and meet the needs of their customers and community; and is the Voice for Real Estate in LaPorte County".

IAR 2021 Form Change Updates

Several changes have been made to the residential forms with the following forms most significantly impacted:

Purchase Agreement (Improved Property)
Purchase Agreement (Unimproved Property)
Listing Contract/Exclusive Right to Sell
Multiple Offer Notification
Alternative Dispute Resolution Addendum

The changes take effect on January 1, 2021.                                                     Remember, IAR forms are for member use only

Important Changes are Coming to MLS in the New Year!

1. In an effort to deter repeat offenders of the new ‘Coming Soon-No Show’ policy, the  following tiered fine schedule was adopted to become effective on January 5th, 2021: 


“A listing in the 'Coming Soon-No Show' status is prohibited from being shown prior to the ‘On Market’ date. This includes Open Houses, Broker Tours, etc. The following tiered fine structure will be assessed to the Listing Broker (Participant) for any showings of a listing while in the Coming Soon-No Show status: 


· 1st Offense - $1,000 fine 

· 2nd Offense - $2,500 fine

*3rd and Additional Offenses: $5,000 fine and a mandatory appearance by the Participant and Subscriber in front of the MLS Hearing Panel. 


This tiered fine structure resets after 12 months have expired since the 1st Offense.” 


2. The Board decided to move forward with the consolidation of all current contingent stat uses into one “Active Under Contract” status.  While the MLS Board acknowledges there will be a learning curve associated with the implementation of this  ‘Active Under Contract’ status, they believe that moving in this direction is in the best interest of our members and will put our MLS into conformity with the industry standard used by many other MLSs.  

Please read the latest news for more information.

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We are REALTORS, we live by the Code...

The Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS® is a document which is universally recognized by lawyers and laymen as the measure of professionalism in the real estate industry. It does not describe the lowest common denominator of permissible behavior as do the licensing laws of the state. Instead, it outlines the highest ideals of professional performance the public, and other REALTORS®, have a right to expect from REALTORS®.

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The MLS Hour: Clear Cooperation Policy

NAR's MLS Director Rene Galicia leads a panel discussion covering the MLS Statement 8.0 Clear Cooperation Policy, approved in November 2019 during the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in San Francisco.

Read more about the passing of the Clear Cooperation policy at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in this REALTOR® Magazine story.

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